Parental Consent Form

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Please see below for information regarding eligibility for participation.

Scholastic Eligibility

9.1. The 4+1 Rule-A student must pass four credit bearing subjects (not four credits) and physical education, if taken, in the most recent final marking period (January or June). An eligible student-athlete must pass four credit bearing subjects and physical education the marking period closest to December 1st or April 15th to continue his/her eligibility. Schools on cycle marking systems shall use the final grade of the cycle closest to January 31st and June 30th for determining final grades at the end of the term. Schools on cycle marking systems shall use the grades of the cycle closest to December 1st in the fall term and April 15th in the spring term for gaining or maintaining eligibility. Entering freshmen (first year in grade 9) are academically eligible until the 2nd report card is issued.

9.2. If two Physical Education classes are taken, at least one must be passed.

9.3. The date all report cards are issued in a school at the end of a marking period shall be the official date for determining eligibility.

9.4. At least two of the four subjects passed must be major subjects (English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Foreign Language or Science).

9.5. A student may substitute one non-credit remedial class for which a passing grade has been given for one of the minor subjects in the 4+1 rule

9.6. The 8 Credit Rule-A student must accumulate a minimum of eight credits (not including physical education) for the two semesters prior to the eligibility period. Night School, Summer School and P.M. School is included in this calculation. This rule will be in effect beginning with a student’s third semester in high school.

9.7 When evaluating athletic eligibility for 9th or 10th grade students programmed for 90-minute double periods in Literacy and Mathematics, Athletic Directors can count each passing double period as 2 subjects toward the 4+1 rule and 2 credits toward the 8 credit rule.

9.8. When a student has completed the requirements for graduation, the student may substitute any credit-bearing course offered by the school in place of the subjects listed in 9.4.

9.9. A student in his/her final year may take fewer than four classes and physical education provided that the classes taken are the only ones needed to fulfill graduation requirements.

9.10. Requirements for credit-bearing coursework are waived for special education students participating in alternate assessments. All other eligibility requirements apply.

9.11. Scholastic eligibility at the beginning of each term shall be determined by the final grades of the previous term. Grades that are earned in summer school, and accepted by the home school, shall be counted as grades for the previous June. If a student is registered in a PM school or evening school, only the final grade is used for eligibility.

9.12. A student who is ineligible may become scholastically eligible by passing four credit bearing subjects (not 4 credits) and physical education during the marking period closest to December 1st and April 15th, exclusive of the first marking period in the fall and spring terms when three marking periods are used per term, provided a student fulfills the 8 credit rule requirements listed in 9.6.

9.13. In non-traditional high schools, a student must pass subjects equated to Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language and Physical Education (4 academic subjects plus 1 Physical Education). These requirements are needed in order to maintain and/or establish eligibility for participation on a PSAL interscholastic team. Evidence of meeting these requirements must be shown on the report cards issued closest to the following dates: December 1st, January 31st, April 15th and June 30th. The date the evaluations are issued in the schools shall be the official date for determining eligibility.

9.14. A scholastically ineligible student may practice with the team as an incentive for him/her to establish eligibility. Any student who is scholastically ineligible at the start of the season, or becomes scholastically ineligible, may practice with the team provided the student is on the roster as “Inactive”. If a student cannot reestablish eligibility by the end of the season, the student is not permitted to practice with the team. All athletes listed on the roster, as inactive, may not participate in scrimmages, non league games or regularly scheduled games.