Varsity Bowling

Head Coach: Steven Serling


Coach Serling has been the Co-ed Bowling coach for three years and serves as an Assistant Athletic Director for the East Harlem Pride. He was on a bowling league throughout his childhood and continues to bowl recreationally. He is currently part of the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Registered Volunteer Program. Coach Serling believes that bowling is a sport for everyone. Bowling gives an opportunity for students who traditionally would not try out for some of the more competitive team sports, to still be a part of a team, improve as a bowler while learning the game, learn soft skills that a sports program provides, and to socialize with their peers from many different schools from around the city. Although bowling may not be considered a “tough” sport, it is one of the few sports that one plays throughout their entire life…so why not start to learn and enjoy it now!